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Our Touring Philosophy

Guide your home turf.

The best guides are local residents. The Galil is our home, where we’ve chosen to raise our kids…these are our country roads, taking us home to the place we belong and want to share with you.

Get to know the locals.

The Galil has diverse populations which represent almost every facet of Israeli society. The people of the Galil are part of the story. Whether visiting locals, or just driving by different villages, we value engaging with our neighbors as an enriching experience that we love to share with our visitors.

The north is more than just the water.

There's so much up here to see! We enjoy taking visitors beyond the conventional to the authentic. If your fancy is food, culture, politics, history, or nature, the north is your playground: a microcosm of all that Israel has to offer. 

Don’t waste travel time.

Our tours are designed to keep us out of the bus and car as much as possible. Concentrate your day in one area, and don’t try to see sites that require long drives between them. The north is quite vast; divide up your trip by region.

Spend at least one night in the north.

Most tourists are coming from the center of the country, traveling around two hours to reach the Galil and three to reach the Golan! Make the most of your trip by staying up north for the night. 

Choose your guide carefully.

A tour guide is a teacher, a shadchanit (matchmaker) between you and the landscape, a companion for the day — you’ll want to find someone who suits. We're licensed, experienced and knowledgable guides who live and breathe the Galil. Our role is to nurture encounters with land, natives and text. If you are looking to deepen your knowledge of the biblical landscape, if you are a history or archaeology buff who stays curious, if you have studied Talmud your whole life and wish to see the stomping grounds of the Tannaim and Amoraim, if you're drawn to the natural beauty of the north but aren't familiar with its trails, if you enjoy getting to know a region through meeting the natives, if the story of modern Zionism (in all its complexity) excites, then let's explore northern Israel together!

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