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Check out a selection of our educational (and fun) itineraries!

Contact us and we'll schedule any of these tours (or alternatives) custom-tailored to you and your group. 

כל הסיורים נתנים גם בעברית במידה ויש ביקוש – או בשילוב שפות


Pioneers and Dreamers along the Jordan River


Tzippori, from Ancient City to Boutique Farmers

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Life on the Edge:

The Lebanese Border


Mt. Gilboa: Where the Bible, Politics and Ecology Meet 


Up and Around

Mt. Tavor


In the Footsteps of the Sanhedrin


Where Mountain Meets Sea: The Carmel


Ancient Synagogues of the Galil


Family Hike in Nahal Meiron and Nahal Amud

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Divine Acco


1 in 5 Israelis

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Mayim B'Sasson: Water and Color in the Western Galil

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The Kosher Good Life in the Galil

Pioneers and Dreamers along the Jordan River

HeChalutz l'Ma'an Avodah! What kind of people made aliyah to drain swamps, build roads and farm inhospitable terrain? We'll explore the cradle of the Second and Third Aliyah through visiting the site of a radical social experiment, hearing about the first communal kvutza on the banks of the Kinneret and tasting from the date farm of one of its founding families, walking along the banks of the Jordan River, taking in the lush greenery of Degania with its "Etz HaMedina," and paying homage to some of the giants of the early Yishuv in the famed Kinneret cemetery.




Mt. Gilboa: Where the Bible, Politics and Ecology Meet 

We will travel to the stage settings of many biblical stories, including the final battle of King Saul. Continue on the famed scenic road to a unique outlook to see the Green Line for ourselves and how it affects locals. Picnic lunch. At the wind farm, see renewable energy in the making. Meet modern pioneers in their brand-new yishuv. With more views in store, we end the day at the foot of queen Jezebel’s castle at the beautiful Jezreel springs -- a great opportunity to hop in and cool off!


Tzippori, From Ancient City to Boutique Farmers

Perched above the fields of the lower Galil, Tzippori — the “Jewel of the Galil” — is brimming with beautiful mosaics and impressive Roman ruins. The Mishnah, backbone of the Oral Law, was redacted here; we'll tell the stories of the Sages who lived and taught in this cosmopolitan center. We will continue our day exploring the modern moshav of Tzippori, where farmers have reinvented themselves with new and unique products and services — goji berries, goat cheese, vintage collectors and an unexpected tomb.  


Up and Around Mt. Tavor

We’ll begin the day with a drive to the top of Mt. Tavor, taking in the spectacular views of the Jezreel Valley and the lower Galil on a delightful walk around the mountain top. Learn about Deborah the Prophetess, the nexus point of the northern tribes, and other traditions connected with this famous mountain. See the oak tree that gave Gen. Yigal Alon his name and inspiration. Continue to the Circassian village of Kfar Kama to learn about this unique minority community.

Continue to Sejera/Ilaniya, where historic buildings over 100 years old mix with modern villas, and hear the story of the Sobotniks that settled there. 


Life on the Edge: The Lebanese Border

Spend the day visiting off-the-beaten track sites along the northern border. We'll see how Kibbutz Hanita developed from Tower-and-Stockade to the "Ridge of Peace." We'll continue to the impressive rock formation of the Keshet Cave and then on to Aramshe, a Beduin village with extraordinary ammonite fossils. Next up is Moshav Shtula, where we'll walk along the border and explore the grafitti murals -- and tell the story of the terror tunnels through the eyes of the local people raising their families on the border.



In the Footsteps of the Sanhedrin

"The Sanhedrin traveled from place to place...from Yavneh to Usha, from Usha to Shefaram, from Shefaram to Bet Shearim, from Bet Shearim to Tzippori, from Tzippori to Tiveria..."(M. Rosh HaShana 31a).

A classic thematic tour following the stomping-grounds of the Sages. Learn about the development of the Oral Law in the very places the Mishna and Talmud were written. We'll begin with the ancient village of Bet Shearim, and continue on to the newest excavations at Usha, visit the Shabbat Stone and hear the heroic story of R' Yehuda ben Bava at his gravesite. We'll visit the Shefaram synagogue and end our tour with a breathtaking view of Tzippori. 



Where Mountain Meets Sea: The Carmel

A day with the beautiful people and views of the Carmel. See the bizarre megalithic statues at En Carmel and visit the artists' workshops. Meet Nisco and his amazing collection of music machines. In the Carmel forest nature reserve, we will have a picnic lunch, enjoy a short hike to the tznir rock formation, and see traces of the "Masada on the Carmel" plan from WWII. Is the Carmel Mountain "Little Switzerland?" You decide.



Divine Acco

Acco like you've never seen it before! Visit the Bahaji Gardens (epicenter of the Bahai faith), a synagogue that celebrates the uniqueness of Jewish history in literally every stone, and learn about local Islamic culture at the famous El-Jazzar mosque. Stroll through the picturesque port and colorful alleyways of this Ottoman city, and visit the Ramchal Synagogue and Museum of Jewish Acco. ​


Ancient Synagogues of the Galil 

What do the remains of ancient synagogues tell us about the lives of our ancestors in this land? Using rabbinic and other primary sources, we'll explore the significance of synagogue architecture, art and artifacts as well as the development of synagogue practice. We will tour both famous and off-the-beaten-path synagogues from the Second Temple and Talmudic eras in the Galil. Korazin, Kfar Nahum (Capernaum), Midgal, Arbel, Hamat Tiveria. 



One in Five Israelis

An exclusive, insider look at the tapestry of ethnicities and religions in the Galil. Begin the day in the Beduin village of Salame, where Moslems residents proudly serve in the IDF. Learn about the proud, tight-knit Circassian community of Reichania and their unique culture. Participate in a kosher cooking lunch workshop of ethnic delicacies prepared by a Druze resident of Hurfeish, and end the day with a better understanding of the Christian minority in the Land of Israel. Price: NIS300pp, includes workshops, meals and meetings with local personalities 



Family Hike in Nahal Meiron and Nahal Amud

Hike a family-friendly portion of the Israel trail that follows running rivers, trees and shade: perfect for a midsummer day! Easy pace for 4-5 hrs with time for swimming and picnicking in one of the springs along the way. 


Mayim b'Sasson: Water and Color in the Western Galil

Take the kids for a day of easy hiking, lots of water and colorful off-the-beaten-path sites in the Western Galil! The painted house in Shlomi, impressive Crusader remains at Montfort, En Hardelit for a fun dip and ending our day at the Rosh Hanikra nature seashore reserve. Stay on after the tour for sunset at Betzet beach!



The Kosher Good Life in the Galil

Spoil yourselves at the very end of summer vacation -- you deserve it! Come to the Galil for a day of wineries and boutique olive oil, liquor and cheese tastings. Learn more about quality spices at the spice farm, and try some natural cosmetics at Lavido in the heart of the Jezreel Valley. Lunch in an exquisite, organic vegetarian buffet in Harduf. Enjoy a private tour of a local art gallery. 

Lebanese Border
family hike
mayim b'sasson
Kosher Good Life
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