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Unforgettable sites, undiscovered corners, fascinating locals -- there's so much to see and explore! Choose from one of our specialty tours, or let us design a tour tailored to your interests and group. No need to worry about overnight expenses for your guide, because we're local. Below is just a small sampling of our successful themed tours. Contact us today for more ideas or to book a tour -- your northern adventure awaits! 

Old And New in the Northern Jordan Valley

A varied itinerary concentrated in one area: from the Bible to the bumblebee in the “Valley of the Springs”

Bet Shean, BioBee in Sde Eliyahu, Kochav HaYarden (Belvoir), Old Gesher/Naharayim

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Galilee Mosaic

The Galilee is a cross-section of different populations - Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Circassians - each with their own local traditions, cultures and flavors. 


Visit a kibbutz, Circassian yishuv, Druze holy site and Beduin village – each with its own ideology and sense of purpose.


You'll meet and interact with the locals; artists, farmers, social activists, wine makers, musicians, cooks, teachers and more – the authentic Israel.


You are invited to share in their culture through workshops of weaving, cooking, farming and more.

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In the Footsteps of the Sanhedrin

"The Sanhedrin traveled from place to place...from Yavneh to Usha, from Usha to Shefaram, from Shefaram to Bet Shearim, from Bet Shearim to Tzippori, from Tzippori to Tiveria..."(M. Rosh HaShana 31a).

A classic thematic tour following the stomping-grounds of the Sages. Learn about the development of the Oral Law in the very places the Mishna and Talmud were written. 

Usha, Shefaram, Bet Shearim, Tzippori, Tiberias outlook


The Great Israeli Outdoors

Walks and hikes in Israel are not only about natural beauty but also tell amazing stories of history. Throughout time, the landscape has influenced the history of the land -- and it continues to do so today. We invite you to include nature into your Israel activities.

During winter and spring the countryside comes to life with endless wildflowers in every color and a soft green covers the landscape. These seasons allow for exploring nature and historical sites that otherwise are too hot to enjoy. 

Summer in Israel is hot and sunny. Therefore we choose outdoor adventures accordingly, such as forests, springs, rivers and water activities. Hike in the desert at daybreak or enjoy moonlight hiking adventures.

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HeHalutz l’man Avodah! Second and Third Aliyot in the Jezreel Valley and Eastern Galilee

If you will it, it is no dream…The pioneers of the first half of the twentieth century came to the Jezreel Valley and lower Galilee to drain swamps, build roads, and establish farming communities. What drove them on through the hardships, and what legacy have they left modern Israel? 

Bet Shturman, Kibbutz en-Harod, Gidona, Merchavia, Moshava Museum in Kfar Tavor, Sejera/Ilaniya


The Shevatim of the Lower Galil and their Nachalot

Explore these different tribal personalities within the contours of their nachalot (tribal territories)— bayamim hahem, bazman hazeh (in those days, so it is in ours!). What did the Galil look like in the Biblical era? The lower Galil is the nexus of the four northern tribes. Deep-dive into the different territories and characters of the biblical Asher, Zebulun, Naphtali and Issachar, and explore how contemporary Israel has picked up where the Lost Tribes left off. Spectacular views, a famous second-Temple era battle site and meetings with some fascinating local personalities await you on this tour. For advance reading, buy the book! 

Yissachar — Nachal Adami, Kfar Tavor, Ramat Yissachar, Nachal Yissachar, Kibbutz En Harod, Gidona, Tel Jezreel

Zevulun — Kaukab Abu al-Hija, Jotapata, Khirbet Ruma, Shichin, Tel Shimron

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Women in the Galilee

In the Footsteps of Great Jewish Women

The lives, stories and lessons of great Jewish women can be experienced in and around their original landscapes. The Matriarchs as shepherdesses, Miriam's Well, Devorah, Bruriah, Donna Gracia, Hanna Maizel, Rachel the poetess, Henrietta (Hadassah) Szold, Naomi Shemer and others have inspiring stories, still relevant - and breathtaking scenery serves as their backdrop.

The Feminine Side of Zefat

Through the charming alleyways nestled in the mountains of the Gallilee, meet female artists, visit the Breslav Mikvah and learn about the "Shchina" – the Kabbalistic feminine aspect of G-d – all come together to make this a colorful and spiritual  Zefat experience.

Gender in History

  • A biblical femme fatale Jezebel in Jezrael (Tel Yizrael)

  • Biblical women as supporting characters: The wife of… at the Tomb of the Matriarchs. (Tiberias) 

  • Division of labor and equality –The story of Devorah and Barak. (Mt. Tabor) 

  • Women's Wisdom – The wise women of Abel Bet Ma'acha and Serach daughter of Asher (Upper Gallilee):  

  • Gender equality and the pioneer women of the second Aliya. Ideology and reality (Kinneret Farm)

  • Equality in the IDF - Visit IDF Base where most of the commanders are women and speak with them about their experiences.

Face to Face - Meet Israeli Women

Arists – Judaica and modern art: Meet the women who express their spirit through their creative work.. 

Arab Women's' Craft Collectives: Meet women who are working to empower their local communities and better their lives and the lives of others.

Entrepreneurs: Meet women who have followed their passions to create unique and succesful businesses.

Women who make a difference: Whether its in science, research, security, education, bussness, or Torah study, women are at the forefront in their fields.


Workshops and Classes

Roll up your sleeves and participate in art, basket weaving or Israeli fusion cooking classes; create natural olive oil cosmetics, learn Israeli dancing and more. Meet the locals, learn something new and have a great time.

Christian Galilee -- Not Just for Pilgrims

Christian sites in the Galilee are of historical, cultural and religious importance. They also serve as a window into Jewish life in the Galilee in the 1st Century. Visit Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum, Magdala and the Jordan River.

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As North as It Gets -- A Day in the Golan

Learn about the uphill battle in the 6-Day War at the Golani outlook of Tel Fakher. Climb up, in and around an experiential tour of Nimrod fortress. Enjoy spectacular views of the Galil and Golan, and discuss Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon. Dip your feet in the refreshing waters of the Jordan River by the Bnot Yaakov bridge. 


Two Holy Cities

The City of Water and The City of Wind are must-sees for both novice and seasoned travelers. From the lowest of the lows to the highest of the highs...unpack the secrets of the two holy cities of the north, Tiveria and Tzfat (Safed). We'll visit synagogues and graves, ancient Roman ruins and Kabbalistically-inspired artists, and hear the sublime music of both places.

Brothers in Arms -- the Druze of the Galil

Visit the picturesque Druze village of Hurfeish in the Upper Galil. Get the pulse of this important Israeli minority through a visit to Nebi Sabalan (a Druze holy site), the Lace Makers (a women's cooperative), and the memorial to the highest-ranking Druze who fell defending Israel. End with a pleasant walk to the Har Adir memorial for the fallen of the Second Lebanon war.


In the Footsteps of R' Shimon bar Yochai

Tradition holds R' Shimon bar Yochai authored the Zohar, the famous work of Jewish mysticism. We'll begin at the famed cave in Peki'in where he received his inspiration, with a walk down to the spring and carob tree that sustained him. See the Bet Knesset of the rooted mistarabim, followed by a nature walk on Mt. Meron Reserve. The tour culminates with a visit to the famous grave of the Rashbi and the ancient synagogue there. 

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